If you’ve spent any time at all in Wales, you’re no doubt very familiar with the sight of the red Welsh dragon. It can be found here, there and everywhere you look… you’ll even find it on the personalised love spoons that we carve here at Angel Woodcraft!

But have you ever stopped to wonder just why there’s a dragon on the nation’s flag and have you ever wondered where it first appeared?

In actual fact, the dragon was first seen on the battle flags of British soldiers heading to Rome in the fourth century. The emblem was adopted by Welsh kings in the fifth century who wanted to assert their authority after the Romans withdrew.

The Welsh flag, complete with red dragon, was likely first flown in an official capacity during the battle of Bosworth Field in 1485 in England, when Richard III was defeated by Henry Tudor… who then went on to reign over the country as Henry VII for an impressive 24 years!

The dragon isn’t just the national symbol of Wales, however – it’s also a symbol of strength, which is why it’s so often included in the carvings you can see on wooden love spoons. These are intricately carved with all sorts of different symbols, chosen for what they represent, with the spoons then presented to loved ones as a gift.

Traditionally, the spoons were carved by hopeful suitors, who would present them to their love interests as a wooing strategy. However, over the years this has evolved and they’re now given on all sorts of occasions, everything from birthdays and weddings to Mother’s Day, Christmas, graduation and lots, lots more.

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