Love Spoon Symbols

Symbols & Meanings

Angel – Protection

Anchor – Steadfast love/A wish to settle down

Ball in Cage – Love held safe/number of children

Bell – Wedding & Anniversary

Birds – Love/”Let’s fly away together”

Celtic Knotwork – Eternity/Everlasting

Chain Links – Unbreakable Bonds/A wish to be together forever

Comma Shapes – Soul signs

Cross – Faith/A wish for God’s blessing

Daffodil – Symbol of Wales/Affection

Diamond – Wealth & prosperity

Double Bowl – Togetherness/Bountiful Life

Dove – Peace

Dragon – Strength/Symbol of Wales

Flowers – Affection

Heart – Love

Heart Shaped Bowl – Full & bountiful life

Horseshoe – God’s Favour/Good luck

Key & Keyhole – Home & security/”My home is your home”

Stork – Congratulations for a newborn

Twisted Stem – Togetherness/Two lives become as one

Wheel – Work/I’ll work for you

Some thoughts to consider…

When it comes to the meanings of Welsh love spoon Symbols, it is fascinating to understand their historical associations. Although, we also believe that it is important that every Welsh love spoon is given with sincerity. We see Welsh love spoons as an art form, and what gives meaning to any form of art is the unique interpretations of those experiencing it.

It can be easy to feel that looking for your own personal meanings in well-established cultural traditions is to disrespect the meanings established in the past. On the contrary, we believe that giving our work your own meaning is to breathe new life into this beautiful tradition with each Welsh love spoon that is received, allowing its legacy to endure with the same passion with which it started. Discover the meaning behind Love Spoon symbols and find the perfect symbolic design to express exactly what you feel.

The History of the Love Spoon

Love Spoons are a historic form of art. The oldest surviving Welsh Love Spoon dates back to 1667; however the art form is known to have been practised in Wales earlier than this.

Love spoons have deep symbolic meaning and were originally carved by men as a token of their affection for a romantic interest. The intricacy of a spoon would depict the skill of its carver to the one receiving the spoon. Over time, the meaning of presenting somebody with a lovespoon has evolved and it has even become common for people to have a collection of lovespoons gathered from many occasions in life; be it a wedding, birthday or the arrival of a newborn.

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