Frequently Asked Questions

Angel Woodcraft Frequently Asked Questions

Angel Woodcraft Frequently Asked Questions:

Are your love spoons handmade?
All of our love spoons at Angel Woodcraft are proudly cut, carved and finished by hand in Wales. We aim to keep our crafting process as authentic as possible and believe that this gives all of our love spoons their own unique character, setting them apart from the work of other companies.
When will my order arrive?
After a love spoon is ordered it can take a varying amount of time for us to craft. In 90% of circumstances we are able to get an order dispatched within 24 hours, but depending on the volume of our workload it could take us a little longer. When giving a piece as a gift we advise ordering it as soon as possible before it is to be presented.
Do you offer a personalistation & engraving service?
Yes we do! All of our love spoons can be engraved (always check the metrics of a piece and try to make a sensible estimation on what will fit based on its proportions) and we also offer the options to choose the number of balls in a piece that features balls in a cage or choosing the numbers on a spoon that features numbers (a great choice for birthdays and anniversaries!)
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we are able to ship internationally to most countries including European countries, the United States, China and Australia.
Do you offer bespoke lovespoon design?
If you have a bespoke design request then contact us with a design specification and we may or may not give you a price depending on our current workload.

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