Welsh Love Spoons Featuring a Welsh Dragon

Welsh Dragon Love Spoon

The dragon is a symbol of strength and a national symbol of Wales. There are few things more Welsh than a Welsh dragon love spoon!

The ancient legend of the Welsh dragon tells of two dragons, one red and one white, sleeping next to an underground lake beneath a hillside in Dinas Emrys, Beddgelert in the North of Wales. The dragons were awakened by the construction of a castle for the Celtic King Vortigern, resulting in a battle between the dragons that is said to have been won by the red dragon. The dragon was eventually used on flags during military expeditions and battles from the fourth century onwards, with its first official use believed to be at the famous Battle of Bosworth. In 1959 the Welsh flag was officially adopted, and the rest is history. Click here for more information on the Welsh dragon.

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