Welsh Love Spoons

Traditionally, Welsh love spoons were given as a gift to show romantic interest in an individual. They are hand carved and intricately decorated with symbols of love. These symbols were not only used to hint at the carver’s love for someone; they were also intended to show off the carver’s expert skills.

Our handmade Welsh love spoons are produced in the Welsh town of Pontypridd by Paul Curtis, a master craftsman of love spoon carving. Paul’s love spoons are highly sought after all around the world, and this is largely down to the fact he still carves by hand. This is in contrast to many personalised Welsh love spoons that are now manufactured using precision machinery, like CNC routers. Paul sticks to the traditional methods, meaning he cuts and carves each spoon by hand from FSC-certified hardwood.

Personalised Welsh Love Spoons

You will be able to have your Welsh love spoons personalised. We can add an engraving to the back of the spoon should you want to add a special message to the one you love if you wish.

If you have a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or christening coming up, why not take a look at our online shop? You might find the perfect hand-carved Welsh love spoon to give as a gift. If not, taking a look should still inspire you to come up with your own personalised design.

Welsh Lovespoon

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