Welsh Love Spoons Featuring a Heart Symbol

Heart Symbol Welsh Love Spoon

Discover the story of the heart…

Where the story of the heart symbol began

The tale of Love Spoons begins hundreds of years ago, in the 17th century. Where according to Welsh folklore, love spoons originated as a gift of romantic intent. (The earliest example dates back to 1667 and is on display at St Fagans National Museum of History, near Cardiff).

The carving of love spoons represented deep symbolic meanings of love. Originally carved by men as a token of their affection and as a request for a potential suitor. A young man would spend hours carving a spoon for the one he loved, as the intricacy of the carving not only showcased his level of affection but also the skill of the craftsman. The lucky girl’s father would inspect the spoon and decide whether or not the man was a suitable match.

The Meaning behind the Symbol

The heart symbol Welsh love spoon design beholds the traditional roots of a Welsh love spoons. A heart design incorporates the true love story of where the traditions of the love Spoon began. Symbolising love and togetherness. Making these designs the perfect gift for weddings, Valentines Day, an engagment and many more special occasions.

Shop by Symbol & Occasion to find the perfect Welsh love spoon gift for the one you love or why not treat yourself. 

Discover the tale of all our Love Spoon symbols and the meanings behind the carvings here.

Make Things Personal

Each and every carving has its own special and unique symbol, but it is how the gift is given which gives each welsh love spoon its own special meaning. Which is why we also off a free engraving service, so you can add that extra special touch to your gift.

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