The wedding season is upon us, and it looks set to be a bumper one after all the disruptions and disappointments of the last few years. Many of us will have a mantlepiece stacked with a handful of invitations and that means there will be some present shopping to do! 

If the couple have not provided a wish list, it can be hard to think of a unique and memorable gift to buy. Here is some inspiration from around the globe!



In China, guests often provide the couple with a gift of money in a red envelope, which may be decorated with symbols associated with abundance and good fortune or God’s favour.


Puerto Rico

A traditional marriage custom is the giving of wedding favours to guests. In Puerto Rico, this takes the form of a ‘bride doll’, which is dressed to match the bride’s outfit, and decorated with a ribbon which is inscribed with the couple’s names and the wedding date. 



Guests will often drape scarves around the neck of the bride and groom in Tibet. The white scarves are known as khata and represent purity, peace and good fortune or God’s favour in Tibetan culture. The couple will often receive so many that they are buried in scarves!



Welsh couples often receive gifts that represent the abundant natural resources of the country, such as slate engravings or woollen blankets. A more unique and unusual gift is the handmade Welsh love spoon, which has decorative carved handles. Each handle carries a symbol associated with a special meaning or occasion.

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