If you are about to visit a friend or relative’s newborn baby to give them a gift of a handmade love spoon, you should probably prepare to bite your tongue if the child’s name happens to feature on Mumsnet’s list of worst baby names.

The assortment of monikers comes about after someone asked the question, “What would you never name a child and why?” on the parenting forum recently.

In response, Mumsnet users didn’t hesitate to reveal their least favourite names and the reasons why.

At the top of the list is Mia, because it means ‘missing in action’ when used as an acronym.

This was followed by Lana due to its rude connotation if spelt backwards; Fanny for “obvious reasons”; Grace as there are “very few accents that say it gracefully”; and Amelia as it can sound whiney.

The only boys name to be included on the list was Graham, as it sounds like ‘grey ham’. Flora, Alexa, Mercedes and Luna were also picked to be in the top ten.

Of course, these were just the personal opinions of a few Mumsnet followers, as some of these monikers have also been incredibly popular lately.

According to Baby Center’s top 100 baby names of 2021, Mia, Amelia and Luna all feature in the top ten, while Grace came in at number 50.

Parents looking for inspiration might also consider Olivia, Emma, Ava, Sophia, Charlotte and Isabella, which were some of the most popular girls’ names, while Liam, Noah, Oliver, Elijah and Lucas were the top five boys’ names.


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