Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding anniversaries are a precious time to celebrate marriage and hope for the future. After five years, your marriage will have grown in strength, and feelings will have deepened between you and your partner. As the roots of your love grow stronger, it is no wonder that it has become tradition for partners to give one another wooden 5th anniversary gifts. The gift of wood symbolises the strength and durability of a marriage due to the strength naturally possessed by beautiful, ever-growing trees.

Each wedding anniversary marks a great milestone in a relationship and deserves to be commemorated in the most meaningful way possible. Not only are they the perfect opportunity to remember your past years of love, but they also serve to create new memories between you and your partner.

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

With this in mind, we ask ourselves what is the perfect wooden gift? What says, ‘I love you’ in the most intricate and sincere way? If you ask us, the perfect wooden 5th anniversary gifts that one can give are handcrafted Welsh love spoons. Each symbol contained within a Welsh love spoon holds its own special meaning, so just by taking a look at our wide range of anniversary gifts you should easily be able to find something that accurately reflects the feelings in your heart.

Angel Woodcraft Love Spoons

At Angel Woodcraft, we handcraft and hand-carve each and every love spoon. So by selecting from our vast range of Welsh love spoon designs you can purchase a truly meaningful and thoughtful gift that is born of the highest quality craftsmanship. We also offer a personalisation service so you can get your love spoon engraved to make the piece that little bit more personal to your partner.

Just a few ideas from our extensive range of hand carved designs are a bell to symbolise the wedding and anniversary, a Celtic knot to symbolise everlasting love, a heart to symbolise love or a twisted stem to symbolise togetherness and two lives coming together as one.

So with all that in mind, we feel it is safe to say that there are few other gifts that can say so much with such simplicity as a hand carved Welsh lovespoon can. You can be sure that we have the perfect gift for your partner waiting for you, or even the perfect gift to give to a couple celebrating their 5th anniversary.

Whether it’s your 1st, 5th or 50th anniversary, if you’re looking for a more subtle anniversary gift then you can never go wrong with any of our designs featuring Celtic knots and hearts, symbolic of everlasting love. You could even get more personal with it and go for a piece containing diamonds to represent good fortune, a double bowl to represent a bountiful life, or chain links to symbolise the unbreakable bonds between you. Here are some of our favourite picks of that ilk:

Wooden 5th Anniversary Gifts: What's the Most Expressive Gift? 1
Everlasting Love Welsh Love Spoon – 34
Wooden 5th Anniversary Gifts: What's the Most Expressive Gift? 2
Bountiful Life Together Welsh Love Spoon – 29
Wooden 5th Anniversary Gifts: What's the Most Expressive Gift? 3
Eternal Love Story Welsh Love Spoon – 125
Wooden 5th Anniversary Gifts: What's the Most Expressive Gift? 4
Together in a Sea of Love Welsh Love Spoon – 130

Whatever your taste; if you mean it, say it with a lovespoon!

To purchase your perfect hand crafted and engraved anniversary Welsh Lovespoon visit our Anniversary gifts page.

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