There’s nothing more exciting than hearing about the impending nuptials of friends or family members… who doesn’t love a wedding, after all? But there’s one thing you need to give serious thought to before the celebrations can begin – and that’s what to give them as a wedding present!

Thinking traditionally with wedding gifts is a great way to ensure that you’re giving someone something truly unique, special to them and, most likely, not something that they already have. Here are a few ideas for traditional Welsh wedding presents that you might like to give to the happy couple!

Personalised love spoons

As traditions go, you can’t do much better than Welsh love spoons, which have been handcrafted in the country since 1667 or thereabouts. These spoons have deep symbolic meaning, originally carved by men as gifts to give to the object of their affections.

Welsh slate

The slate industry in Wales has existed since Roman times, when slate was used for the roof of the fort at Segontium, or Caernarfon as it’s known today. These days, you can find all sorts of different types of gift made out of Welsh slate, so why not see if you can find something suitably romantic?

Welsh pottery

Pottery is one of the most enduring crafts in the whole of Wales and will always make a wonderful wedding present. Ewenny Pottery is one of the oldest potteries in the country – and evidence suggests that the earliest record for the site it’s on being used for pot-making is 1427!

Welsh wool

Wales is also renowned for its wool industry and one of the many traditions is for families to pass down Welsh blankets from generation to generation. What a lovely wedding present that would be!

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