Valentine’s Day in the 21st century is all about romance, love, and passion, and a day where people can celebrate the deep feelings they share for each other.

Gift giving on Valentine’s Day usually sticks to a tried and tested formula of red roses, chocolates, and a romantic dinner for two, although there are always some other ideas, such as taking your Valentine to Hogwarts. Still, we’re all hoping that in 2022, Valentine’s Day dates won’t be virtual!

The roots of Valentine’s Day can be found in the Roman festival Lupercalia, which was held on 13-15 February each year, however, these fertility festivals were more bloody and violent than romantic.

Thankfully, the romanticising of St Valentine’s Day by the likes of Shakespeare and Chaucer help it lose the connotations with the ancient festival, and by the Middle Ages, people all over Europe were sending each other handmade paper cards to express their love.

Today, St Valentine’s Day has become very much commercialised, thanks to the greeting cards industry, and now millions of pounds are spent every year of traditional and not-so-traditional gifts, making it one of the best times of the year for florists, chocolatiers, and greetings cards manufacturers.

If you’re wondering what gift to get your beloved this Valentine’s day, then red roses are the most popular flower to give to a woman as a symbol of love, but keep in mind that the price of red roses inflates during the first half of February!

It’s also common to give chocolates to those you love on 14 February, and it’s an ideal gift to give to friends, not just lovers.

However, if you’d like to give a gift that will last longer than flowers or chocolates, and be an enduring symbol of your love, then why not consider Welsh love spoons, decoratively carved wooden spoons that are often presented as a gift of romantic intent.

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