The heart and soul of Angel Woodcraft lies in the beautiful symbolism of giving and receiving Welsh love spoons. Giving your loved one a Welsh love spoon honours the history of this tradition, but also breathes life into an ancient art form, by creating your own meaning and traditions in the modern day. 

It’s why we’re always delighted to see people all over the world celebrating the skill of making Welsh love spoons, such as the Wisconsin River Woodcarvers Show, which will return for its 20th year. 

“People are looking forward to seeing the birds—ducks and things or other mammals,” said the Wisconsin River Woodcarvers Show’s PR and Marketing Director, Jerry Uher. 

But while there’s a buzz about the animal carvings, caricatures and holiday ornaments, the show’s Chairman Ron O’Kray says that the show’s most anticipated woodcarving art form has extra special meaning, with people not only appreciating the woodworking skill of Welsh love spoons, but celebrating and honouring the spoons’ giving and receiving traditions.

“There’s a whole history of love spoons that were carved years ago by a young guy to give to a young lady he was interested in,” said O’Kray, “and I started carving and carving those—different designs of them. Our dining room table at home has over 100 different styles of love spoons on the table.”

To browse our collection of hand-made Welsh love spoons, visit our online shop today.

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