If you’re on holiday and looking for traditional souvenirs and keepsakes of your trip, or looking for a unique, handcrafted gift for someone special, it seems that almost every country has its own traditionally handmade gifts.

The success of websites such as Etsy shows that there is a huge market for hand-crafted gifts, and of course, we will always say that a welsh love spoon makes a perfect gift for a loved one. But we have a look at some of the traditional and handmade gifts of some other countries.

1. Delftware, Netherlands

Delftware, the blue-tinged earthenware, has been the pride of the Dutch since the 17th century. The distinct white and blue pottery is recognised all over the world and is highly collectable. It can make a great souvenir, a reminder of walking along the canals of Amsterdam.

2. Japanese Fan, Japan

The hand fan is so iconically Japanese that it has become entwined in the aesthetics and popular culture of Japan. You can find a huge variety of fans with unique designs, and the vibrant colours and traditional designs make each one a piece of art.

3. Wooden animals, Kenya

The Maasai people carve these wooden animals based on watching the actual animals roaming their natural surroundings in the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Buying directly from the tribe also ensures that they were really hand carved and that the money went directly to the Maasai community.

4. Dala horse, Sweden

It is though that Dala horses were first carved hundreds of years ago, deep in the Swedish woods, as a means to pass the time throughout the long Scandinavian winter. They are considered to be a symbol of good luck, and available in a range of bright colours and designs, but typically red with a blue, white and green traditional pattern painted on to mimic a saddle and bridle.

5. Welsh Love Spoons

Love spoons are traditionally romantic gifts that were given to ladies by their suitors and were designed to showcase their skills at carving and artistry. They are meant to be more decorative items with elaborate and meaningful patterns and symbols incorporated into the design rather than practical spoons.

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