The symbolic significance of a welsh love spoon is of an intimate importance and has been explored on many occasions.

However, whilst the anchors, horseshoes and intertwining hearts etched into the handle of the spoon each have their own special importance, other vital parts of a love spoon are also filled with a similar level of emotional symbolism and significance.

The fact the symbol of love itself is a spoon emphasises the type of love being offered; it is about providing both emotionally and practically, in a way that at the time was associated with marriage.

As well as this, the wood itself could be of symbolic importance, although in many cases it was a case of using whatever wood was abundant nearby and could be worked with easily.

As a result, historic wooden love spoons were made out of a range of different woods, both hardwood and softwoods native to Wales.

Here at Angel Woodcraft, we mainly use limewood and sycamore to make our spoons, but we’re also due to start using walnut, as well. The sycamore tree symbolises strength, eternity and divinity, as well as clarity, so it’s a lovely choice for these spoons, while limewood is a symbol of luck or God’s favour, strength, calmness and tranquility.

As for walnut, the tree has come to represent wisdom, knowledge, intelligence and inspiration, so it’s simply a matter of choosing which your favourite is – and then picking out some designs for your spoon.

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