If you’ve ever looked at a Welsh lovespoon, you’ll notice that each one has markings and carvings on them, with lots of different symbols being featured that make each spoon completely beautiful and unique.

These spoons were traditionally made as a love token, so you’ll find all sorts of markings that serve as sentimental expressions of feeling… which is why they make such perfect presents for Valentine’s Day, weddings and other occasions.

Hearts are often seen on spoons, for obvious reasons, signifying strong emotion and depth of feeling – although you might also see twin hearts on some, which signifies that the love is most certainly a requited one!

Paisley motifs are another very common carving, representing the soul, so this could be a lovely marking to consider for a spoon of your own. And diamonds often crop up, as well, symbolising good fortune and prosperity.

You’re also likely to see carved wheels, which represent a promise to work hard and guide the recipient of the spoon through life, while bells represent weddings or anniversaries, horseshoes are for good luck, a ball in a cage indicates the number of children the gifter wishes to have, storks represent a new birth and Celtic knots represent eternal love.

The carving of these spoons really is a historic artform, dating all the way back to the 17th century – or even earlier. As well as being a token of affection back then, the recipient would have also used the spoon to eat with but, over the years, they have become decorative items given as gifts. People even build up huge collections of these beautiful spoons!

If you’d like to find out more about having one engraved for that special someone in your life, get in touch with us here at Angel Woodcraft today.

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