Every country has their own set of traditions, and the same is true for the Welsh. Here we list some of the most popular customs we love to preserve in Wales.


  • Welsh spoons

We have been giving friends and family Welsh love spoons for centuries, with the first mention of these intricately carved utensils dating back to the 1600s. Men would work hard creating the most beautiful wooden spoon to present it to their partner as a symbol of their love.

They typically feature horseshoes, knots, hearts and anchors, and have different meanings depending on what symbols they include. The tradition of giving them to your partner is still going strong, with many people buying hand-carved love spoons as wedding gifts or anniversary presents too.


  • Welsh rarebit

It might just be cheese on toast to most people, but The Culture Trip appreciates that the Welsh rarebit is a delicacy in Wales.

“To make proper rarebit, you need to make a cheese sauce with melted cheese, which can include ale, mustard or Worcestershire sauce,” it stated.


  • Playing rugby

Rugby is the country’s national sport, which is why it is so important to Welsh people, and one country Wales always wants to beat is England and does amazingly well against considering the difference in the size of the population.


  • Eisteddfods

Wales is renowned for its poets, musicians, theatrical performers, singers, actors, actresses and artists, which is why eisteddfods – literature and poetry festivals – are so important here.

According to Conwy Valley Railway, the first eisteddfod took place in the 12th Century, and they are still going strong today.

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