Mother’s Day Collection

Get her a Mother’s day gift with some character this year

Flowers are always a wonderful mother’s day gift idea. However, they are unfortunately flawed in that they don’t last forever as we would all like them to. That’s why in our mother’s day collection we’ve included all of our lovespoons containing flower symbolism, all of which will stand the test of time and be forever cherished.

What’s more is that we’ve included our work that features Celtic knots and love hearts to represent eternal love, chain links to represent unbreakable bonds, or angels to symbolise protection. Another symbol choice we really love for Mother’s day gifts are balls in cages, which symbolise the number of children in a family.

Browse our range of traditional mother’s day gifts and pick out something special that you know will make her day. When that’s done, why not opt for further personalisation with our lovespoon engraving service, free of charge? Or add our gift wrapping service for the perfect finishing touch.

Mother’s day & Welsh Lovespoons

As you may know, Welsh lovespoons were traditionally given specifically as a gift when a man wished to propose to his beloved. Their complete history is not entirely uncovered as of yet, and there is much speculation and wonder around whether they were used for this purpose when the first Welsh lovespoon was carved. What is very well known, however, is that Welsh love spoons were lovingly adopted as a very special gift to share with anyone that you love and care about. They are a gift that can say so much with so little.

With this in mind, it is no wonder that the Welsh love spoon has become a popular mother’s day gift in the same way that it has been embraced as a gift for all kinds of other occasions ranging from weddings to graduations to baby showers!

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