Traditionally Hand Carved Welsh Love Spoons

Made in Wales

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  • Hearts Secured in Faith Welsh Love Spoon

    Hearts Secured in Faith Welsh Love Spoon – 97

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    Graduation Welsh Love Spoon – 23

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    Eternal Love Welsh Love Spoon Silver Earring Set – E3

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Discover the craft behind our hand carved Welsh love spoons

The process of making a love spoon includes many hours dedicated to the design process as well as the actual time involved in cutting, carving and finishing of each spoon.

When Paul makes a love spoon, the wood is hand selected and cut to a manageable size to allow the carving to begin. Once a rough outline of the design is made, the tedious task of carving each detailed symbol to the crisp level of quality that you know and cherish begins. One slip of the hand and the entire process starts again. Once he has hand carved the love-spoon it is sanded varying grades of sandpaper. 

Finally the piece is finished by hand and the cards are attached. “This is a painstaking way to finish a love-spoon,” says Paul, “but is the only way to achieve a quality smooth silky finish that the Welsh love-spoon deserves”. It is this attention to the traditional techniques and the pride we take in our work that makes the quality difference of an Angel Woodcraft love spoon so evident.

At Angel Woodcraft, we have been hand carving traditional Welsh Love Spoons for over three decades now. We aim to create only the best gifts to express one’s love and appreciation.  With over 100 hand carved love spoon designs to choose from, the options of gifts and occasions to mark with them are endless.

Get to know the story behind each symbolic love spoon design and find the perfect Love Spoon to express exactly how you feel.

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