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Anniversary Gifts Rich with Meaning


All Anniversaries are special and are important milestones along the couple’s journey together. Celebrating these anniversaries is a custom that has grown massively over the years.
The celebrations can be extravagant and costly, but often the little personalised gift which reflects the care and thought of the giver can mean more to the recipient than the most ostentatious of occasions. Every piece found in our anniversary Welsh love spoon collection is guaranteed to make for a unique anniversary gift that will show your love and attention towards your spouse.
Here we have rounded up a selection of our work featuring a variety of symbols that we know will go down a treat for your anniversary.
Some of the symbols include Celtic knot-work and love hearts to symbolise eternal love, twisted stems to signify a union of lives and anchors to symbolise steadfast love. If you would like to take a deeper look into the meaning of Welsh love spoon symbols then visit our symbol meanings page.
If you’re shopping for a 5th anniversary gift then there are very few gifts more meaningful than a Welsh love spoon since giving a wooden gift for a 5th anniversary is tradition.
Take a look at our range of Welsh love spoons that make Unique Wedding Anniversary Gifts. We also offer an engraving service of names and dates, that can be added to many of the love spoons!

The process of making a love spoon includes many hours for design as well as the actual time involved in carving and finishing of each spoon. The wood most widely used in carving our range of Welsh love spoons is Limewood and is sourced from Monmouthshire, south Wales. The wood is pale in colour and very uniform in character. It is lighter and easier to carve than walnut or oak, it is easily worked, and has very little grain, and a density of 560kg per cubic metre. It is a very popular wood for intricate carving, and is a favourite of Paul Curtis. When Paul makes a love spoon, the wood is hand selected and cut to a manageable length and thickness to allow the carving to begin. Once a rough outline of the design is made, the tedious task of carving each detailed symbol begins. One slip of the hand and the process starts again. Once he has hand carved the love-spoon it is sanded three time with different grades of sandpaper and polished twice with beeswax. “This is a painstaking way to finish a love-spoon,” says Paul, “but is the only way to achieve a quality smooth silky finish that the Welsh love-spoon deserves”. A hand rubbed stain is then applied and it is allowed to dry. Later a beeswax is applied by hand, the spoon is hand polished and the cards are attached. It is the attention to detail and the pride in their work that makes Angel Woodcraft love spoons a treasured keepsake.

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