30 Years of Lovespoon Making

The founder and creator of Angel Woodcraft began carving lovespoons in 1985. He then began selling his creations with the goal of sharing the beauty of lovespoons with the others. Now, over three decades later, we have become the port of call for products which show symbolism and are an expression of love, for people all over the world.

Founder of Angel Woodcraft, Paul Curtis, has made this all possible. Through his exceptional talent and love for wood carving, alongside his admiration and patriarchy for Wales and its profound history; Paul has shaped Angel Woodcraft into a business like no other.

Paul’s love for creating lovespoons was inspired by craftsman Gwyndaf Breeze. Gwyndaf encouraged Paul to carve his first lovespoon in 1983; after which Paul found his passion for this delicate and intricate work.

Paul’s designs became so popular within his local community that he realised he could share his work with a wider outreach of people. He founded Angel Woodcraft with a purpose of contributing to Wales: by bringing the country’s astounding traditions into the present day.

Paul now has over 100 designs of lovespoon which are available to people all over the world. Not only does he strive to share lovespoons with his customers, but he also strives to share the history of the lovespoon with them.

Paul believes that there is significant importance in understanding the process of lovespoon making; understanding why lovespoons are important features of Welsh history; and understanding what a lovespoon symbolises.

This is why Angel Woodcraft has dedicated itself as a platform where traditional products can be purchased, and customers are given the opportunity to learn about their importance and sentimental value.

After 30 years of lovespoon making: skilled craftsmanship has been developed, designs have been improved and experience has been gained. Angel Woodcraft has become the heart of Welsh lovespoon making and will continue to be so.


To learn about lovespoons and to shop online, visit www.angelwoodcraft.co.uk