Why A Lovespoon Is the Most Authentic Welsh Gift

Wales is one of the most beautiful countries in the world: with glorious landscapes, wonderful people and an incredible heritage. The Welsh culture is very unique and special; and it is no wonder that people want to share it with their family and friends. What better way to say I love you than through an authentic Welsh present which has been crafted with great detail and care? Here is a guide to some authentic, traditional Welsh gifts.

1. Welsh Lovespoon

Although there are many Welsh traditions, the lovespoon is the most authentic Welsh gift that a person can give. Dating back over 350 years to the Celtic times, the Welsh lovespoon was traditionally given by young men to their sweethearts as a token of affection. This tradition progressed, and people now give lovespoons to one another to celebrate all kinds of occasions. They are symbolic pieces of art, the best of which will have been delicately hand carved and engraved. The symbols are decorative and elaborate; shaping the entire piece into an incredibly heartfelt present.

2. Welsh Slate

Welsh slate is also an authentic gift to give family and friends. The slate is mined in Welsh quarries and then crafted into various products such as coasters, picture frames, cheese boards, and signs.

3. Welsh Food

Wales is famous for its traditional foods, such as Welsh cakes, Bara Brith, cawl, and Welsh rarebit. These delicacies are delicious and would be undoubtedly devoured by family and friends. Due to their perishability however, edible Welsh gifts are not always suitable, but be sure to enjoy them yourself whenever you are in Wales!

4. Welsh language

The Welsh language is beautiful and can be appreciated by everyone, even those who don’t speak it. Wales produces many products that are engraved with Welsh words, sentences or paragraphs, such as mugs, posters or jewellery. If you are feeling adventurous you could learn a Welsh phrase such as ‘Dwi’n caru ti’ (I love you) and recite it to family and friends when you see them.

5. Welsh Wool

Wales is famous for its sheep, and for good reason! With the population of sheep tripling the population of people, it is no wonder that Wales produces lots of wool products to wear or to use around your home. Beautiful blankets and throws, soft jumpers and scarves: whatever item you fancy you will be sure to find a Welsh shop that sells it.

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