5th Wedding Anniversary: What is the best gift?

Is your fifth wedding anniversary on the horizon? Are you are wondering what the perfect gift is to celebrate the special day?

Wedding anniversaries are a precious time to celebrate marriage and hope for the future. After five years, your marriage will have grown in strength, and feelings will have deepened between you and your partner. With this incredible entwinement of love, it is no wonder that wood is used to celebrate a fifth wedding anniversary. The gift of wood symbolises the strength and durability of a marriage because the wood is taken from a tree which is a strong, natural representation of that same strength and durability.

Wedding anniversaries mark a milestone in a relationship and deserve to be celebrated in a beautiful way. Not only are they the perfect opportunity to remember your past years of love, but they create new memories between you and your partner. To make the day even more special, give your partner a physical token of affection that they can treasure for a life time!

So, what is the perfect wooden gift? What says, ‘I Love You!’ in a delicate and beautiful way? The perfect 5th anniversary present is a handcrafted Welsh Lovespoon engraved with symbols that represent your personal feelings towards your significant other! At Angel Woodcraft, we handcraft each and every Lovespoon, so by selecting from our vast range of lovespoon designs you can purchase a truly meaningful and thoughtful gift. We will engrave your Lovespoon as well, so your gift is truly unique.

Just a few ideas from our extensive range of hand carved designs are a bell to symbolise the anniversary, a Celtic knot to symbolise everlasting love, a heart to symbolise love or a twisted stem to symbolise togetherness.

A hand carved Welsh Lovespoon by Angel Woodcraft is the perfect gift for your partner, or the perfect gift to give to a couple celebrating their 5th anniversary.

If You Really Mean it, Say it With a Lovespoon!

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