Why Choose a Hand-carved Lovespoon?

Valentine’s Day is only 2 weeks away, why not give your loved one a gift this year that really does come from the heart? Welsh lovespoons have been a symbol of love for years. When choosing your lovespoon you want to give the best! Hand-made crafts have many advantages over machine-made items for a variety of reasons, especially with something as personal and meaningful as a Welsh lovespoon.

1. Authenticity

The oldest lovespoon dates back to 1667; it is an historic piece of artwork that was carved out of a piece of wood as a symbol of love and affection. This historic craft gave way to one of Wales’s most beautiful traditions, which should be preserved and respected now and in the future. A traditional lovespoon would take months to perfect, as the gentlemen would hand-carve each piece without the aid of modern machinery. Taking the manual labour aspect away from the lovespoon takes away a large part of its character and meaning, so an authentic lovespoon is one that has been carefully crafted by human hands.

2. Originality

Machines are good for certain types of production because they produce a series of items that are identical to one another. However, these identically manufactured items are merely produced to serve a purpose rather than reflect any true symbolic meaning, due to the lack of individual identity. With handmade items, no two pieces can be exactly identical because human hands are not programmed to continuously repeat the same movements, and human minds have the ability to form new and original ideas over and over again. In terms of lovespoons, originality is a key aspect because you are giving the lovespoon to someone as a token of your affection; a feeling which is individual to you and them. Love and commemoratory cannot be produced on a mass scale.

3. Care and Precision

Whilst machines can be precise in detail because they are programmed to be so; no thought will be going into the design or production of your lovespoon. With handcrafted lovespoons, the crafter takes care to create a piece that is beautiful and delicate. They will be precise with every detail because they understand that this will be an important gift that should be treated with respect, knowing it has greater meaning than just being a piece of wood.

4. Verbal Communication

With hand carved lovespoons, you have the advantage of being able to speak directly to the person who is going to craft your lovespoon, hence you can express your ideas to them directly. This will help the designer build up a picture of how to craft the lovespoon in the way that you are visualising. This is not possible with mass-produced machinery.

To purchase your own handmade lovespoon today, delivered in time for Valentine’s Day, visit Angel Woodcraft. (Be sure to check delivery dates online) All of our Welsh lovespoons are hand-carved in Pontypridd, Wales by Paul Curtis, the founder. For more information visit wwww.angelwoodcraft.co.uk