Why a Lovespoon is the Most Romantic Christmas Gift

Lovespoons are a traditional Welsh symbol of affection and the symbolic meanings and intricate details of each Lovespoon reflects the hopes and wishes of the giver.

Traditionally, a Lovespoon would have been presented as an indication of a desire to court; however, over time the meaning of a Lovespoon has evolved and today it is given on many different occasions as a romantic gesture depicting one’s true affection for the other. So, if you are searching for a truly sentimental gift for someone this Christmas, then a Welsh Lovespoon is the ideal way to show them exactly how much they mean to you.

No matter what your relationship status is, a lovespoon can be carved specific to your situation. The symbols that are presented in the design represent different personal feelings, and different kinds of love that can be shared; therefore, you can make a selection of whichever symbols are the most appropriate.

ANGEL - Protection ANCHOR - Steadfast love/A wish to settle down BALL IN CAGE - Love held safe or number of children

BELL - Wedding & Anniversary

BIRDS - Love/"Let's fly away together"

CELTIC KNOTWORK - Eternal love/Everlasting

CHAIN LINKS - A wish to be together forever

COMMA SHAPES - Soul signs

CROSS - Faith/A wish for God's blessing

DAFFODIL - Symbol of Wales/Affection

DIAMOND - Wealth & prosperity

DOUBLE BOWL - Togetherness

DOVE - Peace

DRAGON - Strength/Symbol of Wales

FLOWERS - Affection

HEART - Love HEART SHAPED BOWL - Full & bountiful life

HORSESHOE - God's Favour/Good luck

KEY & KEYHOLE - Home & security/"My home is your home"

STORK - Congratulations of for a new-born child or a child due to arrive

TWISTED STEM - Togetherness/Two lives become as one

WHEEL - Work/I'll work for you

At Christmas, people want to express happiness and gratitude for their loved ones through the presents that they buy. The symbolic designs listed above are all centred around that exact idea, so it is clearly apparent how meaningful and truly characteristic a lovespoon can be as a gift.

Choosing the right symbol is important, but so is choosing a quality Lovespoon made by a true artist. At Angel Woodcraft our Lovespoons are all carefully carved by hand with true attention spent on every detail. Not only is a Lovespoon romantic through the meaning behind its design, carefully chosen by the giver, but also through the careful precision and delicacy of the woodwork itself. The care and attention given in the handmade crafting of these spoons represents the delicacy of love that is shared between people.

Preserve your thoughtfulness and affection towards someone you love with a gift that will remain with them forever. Our Lovespoons are available in many sizes and in different types and colours of wood. All Lovespoons can be custom engraved for free for the extra personal touch!

If You Really Mean it, Say it With a Lovespoon!

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