The Quality and Design of Angel Woodcraft Lovespoons

Angel Woodcraft’s Lovespoons are the perfect gift to give to your loved one no matter what the occasion. While they were traditionally made to be given to show a romantic interest in someone, you can also give them to the special people in your life to show them how much you love them. It is no longer a gift to express purely romantic interest, now lovespoons can be given to your family members and those closest to you as a sign of your love. The quality and design that is offered by Angel Woodcraft is unparalleled, and you will be hard-pressed to find anything like them!

High Quality Materials

You will not be given anything but the best when it comes to your personalised lovespoon, that is ensured by the founder, Paul Curtis. Each love spoon is made from hardwood, and at Angel Woodcraft, only FSC-certified hardwood is good enough.

Hand Carved Love Spoons

Every lovespoon crafted by Angel Woodcraft is hand-carved by Paul Curtis himself. There are a variety of designs on the website for you to choose from, and each one can be personalised should you wish for them to be. This individual hand carving, combined with your own personal message, makes each item unique, so no two lovespoons will ever be identical. All of the designs that you see on offer are Paul’s own original design and will always be of the highest quality.

There is a lot of care that goes into making every lovespoon so you know that you are getting something truly excellent. Many companies have now switched to using machines to complete the process, but Paul has stuck with handcrafting, which gives the lovespoons sold at Angel Woodcraft that extra special feel that you will not find anywhere else.

Uniquely Designed for You

You also have the option to come up with your own idea for a design and contact Paul with what you are looking for. You can browse the website to have a look at all of the designs currently on offer, as you might find that one of them suits the occasion you need it for perfectly. If not, it might give you inspiration into the kind of design that you want, and you can then work with Paul to get the unique love spoon that you require. (Our bespoke work is highly dependent on our overall workload and there can often be a long wait list.)

You can see every detail that Paul has crafted into the lovespoon with clarity, showing his skill at carving. Paul’s designs are some of the most sought after in the world due to their unique amount of detail, and the amount of care and effort that goes into each product, making Angel Woodcraft the very heart of lovespoon making.


A Love Spoon for Father’s Day

This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday the 16th of June. Father’s Day is a special day dedicated to sharing love with, and showing appreciation for, Dads and Paternal figures in our lives. We may always be thinking about how much we love them, but now is the time to show them just how much they mean to us!

We have created this blog to share some key information with you about Father’s Day and provide you with top tips for how to make the day amazing!


This celebratory day originally began in 1910; inspired by the celebrations of Mother’s Day. Over 100 years later, Father’s Day has evolved from a happy concept into a globally recognised day: dedicated to the appreciation of paternal bonds. The day has become a huge aspect of our annual calendar; for it is a popular occasion that brings families closer together.


Cards or poems

This Father’s Day remember to tell your paternal figures just how much you love them! Perhaps express your feelings by writing a card or poem. Whether they are sentimental or not, a beautifully crafted message is sure to bring a smile to their face and a tear to their eye!

Family time

Spend time with your paternal figures this Father’s Day! It may not always be easy to dedicate a whole day to your loved ones because of your busy schedule but try to make time for them on Sunday the 16th! Plan a special day out, a lovely meal, or just an evening of laughter and conversation.


Food is an amazing way to express love and happiness! Whether you bring them breakfast in bed, take them out for a fancy meal, or cook an incredible dinner: they will feel loved and cherished by the thought and effort you put into arranging a special meal.


A Father’s Day gift doesn’t need to be over the top and expensive; often the most special gifts are those which are personal and thoughtful. This Father’s Day express your love for your paternal figure by presenting him with a beautiful handcrafted lovespoon.

At Angel Woodcraft, our lovespoons are designed and hand carved in Wales. They can be personalised with engraved messages on the back; and the carved symbols themselves have specific meanings for different occasions. The historic artwork of lovespoon making produces items which are a token of love and really are the perfect gift for all.

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30 Years of Lovespoon Making

The founder and creator of Angel Woodcraft began carving lovespoons in 1985. He then began selling his creations with the goal of sharing the beauty of lovespoons with the others. Now, over three decades later, we have become the port of call for products which show symbolism and are an expression of love, for people all over the world.

Founder of Angel Woodcraft, Paul Curtis, has made this all possible. Through his exceptional talent and love for wood carving, alongside his admiration and patriarchy for Wales and its profound history; Paul has shaped Angel Woodcraft into a business like no other.

Paul’s love for creating lovespoons was inspired by craftsman Gwyndaf Breeze. Gwyndaf encouraged Paul to carve his first lovespoon in 1983; after which Paul found his passion for this delicate and intricate work.

Paul’s designs became so popular within his local community that he realised he could share his work with a wider outreach of people. He founded Angel Woodcraft with a purpose of contributing to Wales: by bringing the country’s astounding traditions into the present day.

Paul now has over 100 designs of lovespoon which are available to people all over the world. Not only does he strive to share lovespoons with his customers, but he also strives to share the history of the lovespoon with them.

Paul believes that there is significant importance in understanding the process of lovespoon making; understanding why lovespoons are important features of Welsh history; and understanding what a lovespoon symbolises.

This is why Angel Woodcraft has dedicated itself as a platform where traditional products can be purchased, and customers are given the opportunity to learn about their importance and sentimental value.

After 30 years of lovespoon making: skilled craftsmanship has been developed, designs have been improved and experience has been gained. Angel Woodcraft has become the heart of Welsh lovespoon making and will continue to be so.


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Why A Lovespoon Is the Most Authentic Welsh Gift

Wales is one of the most beautiful countries in the world: with glorious landscapes, wonderful people and an incredible heritage. The Welsh culture is very unique and special; and it is no wonder that people want to share it with their family and friends. What better way to say I love you than through an authentic Welsh present which has been crafted with great detail and care? Here is a guide to some authentic, traditional Welsh gifts.

1. Welsh Lovespoon

Although there are many Welsh traditions, the lovespoon is the most authentic Welsh gift that a person can give. Dating back over 350 years to the Celtic times, the Welsh lovespoon was traditionally given by young men to their sweethearts as a token of affection. This tradition progressed, and people now give lovespoons to one another to celebrate all kinds of occasions. They are symbolic pieces of art, the best of which will have been delicately hand carved and engraved. The symbols are decorative and elaborate; shaping the entire piece into an incredibly heartfelt present.

2. Welsh Slate

Welsh slate is also an authentic gift to give family and friends. The slate is mined in Welsh quarries and then crafted into various products such as coasters, picture frames, cheese boards, and signs.

3. Welsh Food

Wales is famous for its traditional foods, such as Welsh cakes, Bara Brith, cawl, and Welsh rarebit. These delicacies are delicious and would be undoubtedly devoured by family and friends. Due to their perishability however, edible Welsh gifts are not always suitable, but be sure to enjoy them yourself whenever you are in Wales!

4. Welsh language

The Welsh language is beautiful and can be appreciated by everyone, even those who don’t speak it. Wales produces many products that are engraved with Welsh words, sentences or paragraphs, such as mugs, posters or jewellery. If you are feeling adventurous you could learn a Welsh phrase such as ‘Dwi’n caru ti’ (I love you) and recite it to family and friends when you see them.

5. Welsh Wool

Wales is famous for its sheep, and for good reason! With the population of sheep tripling the population of people, it is no wonder that Wales produces lots of wool products to wear or to use around your home. Beautiful blankets and throws, soft jumpers and scarves: whatever item you fancy you will be sure to find a Welsh shop that sells it.

To purchase the most authentic Welsh gift today, visit Angel Woodcraft. A lovespoon truly triumphs all other Welsh gifts because of its extensive history and its beautiful symbolic nature. Angel Woodcraft offers very economical worldwide shipping, so even if you are not actually in Wales you can still give a truly authentic gift, hand crafted in the Welsh valleys!


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Be Truly Thoughtful this Mother’s Day!

Mothering Sunday (in the UK) falls on the 31st of March this year.

Mother’s Day is a celebration of maternal bonds. The day is dedicated towards showing appreciation for mothers and grandmothers, mothers-in-law and stepmothers, alongside all other maternal figures in our lives.

Mother’s Day provides us with the perfect opportunity to express our love, through gifts and words, but choosing the perfect gift can be extremely difficult, and we often fall to the old cliché of flowers, chocolates and a card.

If you are looking for a non-cliché gift for Mother’s Day which is personal, beautiful, and can be treasured for a lifetime, then a Welsh lovespoon is the perfect gift. Lovespoons from Angel Woodcraft are hand carved and can be engraved specifically for your loved one.

Why should I choose a Welsh lovespoon …? I’m not Welsh.

A lovespoon is a traditional gift that symbolises love, no matter where you come from, or where you live. Each carving holds a different meaning, for example a flower symbolises affection, a heart symbolises love, a heart shaped bowl symbolises a full and bountiful life and Celtic knotwork symbolises everlasting love. Lovespoons often combine a number of these symbols into beautiful and intricate designs, personal to you and your loved one.

We have over 150 different designs to choose from but have a special page on our shop which shows the ones we feel are most suited to Mother’s Day. An additional engraved inscription on the lovespoon adds a personal touch, allowing you to express your appreciation in a personal way.

Angel Woodcraft’s lovespoons are hand carved in Wales by Paul Curtis. Paul's spoons are highly sought-after all around the world. Whilst many lovespoon manufacturers have begun using precision machinery to produce lovespoons, Paul is still cutting and carving each and every love spoon by hand.

Choose a handcrafted Lovespoon for Mother’s Day this year and show how much you really care! You could even begin a tradition and give a lovespoon every year.

If You Really Mean it, Say it With a Lovespoon!

To purchase a lovespoon for Mother’s Day, visit Angel Woodcraft

5th Wedding Anniversary: What is the best gift?

Is your fifth wedding anniversary on the horizon? Are you are wondering what the perfect gift is to celebrate the special day?

Wedding anniversaries are a precious time to celebrate marriage and hope for the future. After five years, your marriage will have grown in strength, and feelings will have deepened between you and your partner. With this incredible entwinement of love, it is no wonder that wood is used to celebrate a fifth wedding anniversary. The gift of wood symbolises the strength and durability of a marriage because the wood is taken from a tree which is a strong, natural representation of that same strength and durability.

Wedding anniversaries mark a milestone in a relationship and deserve to be celebrated in a beautiful way. Not only are they the perfect opportunity to remember your past years of love, but they create new memories between you and your partner. To make the day even more special, give your partner a physical token of affection that they can treasure for a life time!

So, what is the perfect wooden gift? What says, ‘I Love You!’ in a delicate and beautiful way? The perfect 5th anniversary present is a handcrafted Welsh Lovespoon engraved with symbols that represent your personal feelings towards your significant other! At Angel Woodcraft, we handcraft each and every Lovespoon, so by selecting from our vast range of lovespoon designs you can purchase a truly meaningful and thoughtful gift. We will engrave your Lovespoon as well, so your gift is truly unique.

Just a few ideas from our extensive range of hand carved designs are a bell to symbolise the anniversary, a Celtic knot to symbolise everlasting love, a heart to symbolise love or a twisted stem to symbolise togetherness.

A hand carved Welsh Lovespoon by Angel Woodcraft is the perfect gift for your partner, or the perfect gift to give to a couple celebrating their 5th anniversary.

If You Really Mean it, Say it With a Lovespoon!

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